Specialist support services for victims of trafficking

Eaves Housing Poppy Project

The Poppy Project provides support and housing to women who have been trafficked into prostitution. See website for referral criteria. Also provide outreach support and their research team may be able to assist with country information.

The Tara Project 

The Tara Project provides a range of support services for women in Scotland who have been trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Specialist services providing therapeutic support

Helen Bamber Foundation

The Helen Bamber Foundation provide therapeutic support to people who have been subjected to gross human rights violations, including victims of trafficking.

Women and Girls Network

Has a service which provides therapy to trafficked women/girls.


Counter-Trafficking Directory for the UK

Directory of UK services for victims of trafficking published by International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

Directory of sexual exploitation services, NSPCC website

This Directory contains information about nationwide teams, projects and services working with sexual exploitation. It was created from a database compiled following a mapping of services working with children and young people and sexual exploitation in 2003 and is useful for identifying services.