Identifying and Supporting Trafficked Persons

Trafficking and the National Referral Mechanism

Basic Immigration Law

Accessing protection for child victims of trafficking under care provisions and family support for victims with children

The Rights of EEA National Victims of Trafficking in the UK: Benefits, Immigration and Protection

An overview of the welfare entitlements of victims of trafficking and securing these in practice

What to expect from your legal adviser

This paper discusses the importance of legal advice, how to check a legal representative is properly qualified, eligibility for legal aid, the service a client should expect from a legal representative and what legal representatives will expect from their clients.

How you can help

This paper discusses how social workers, support groups, therapists and doctors can assist victims of trafficking and support them during their legal case.

Expert reports

This paper provides information and guidance to social workers, support workers, counsellors and doctors who may be commissioned to prepare expert reports on victims of trafficking during the immigration legal process.